TERF is dedicated to stimulating interest in the research community as well as informing the public of potential problems associated with dental materials.



TERF has been collecting Data for over 30 years regarding the effects of dental materials on human health, particularly mercury contained within amalgam fillings. It is now time to release the scientific tests that disclose the dangers posed by other more deadly dental procedures to the general public.

The below listed research content is available for review from this site. Please click on the topic below to get a free downloadable PDF file.


ROOT CANALS - By far, the biggest discovery by TERF during the past three years is the connection DNA testing has shown between toxins in root canals and "incurable diseases". (Diabetes, MS, ALS, Leukemia, etc. - all autoimmune diseases)


AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES - How and what dental materials create them?


DENTAL IMPLANTSJust how safe are they?  What other options are available?  What deadly bacteria sets up housekeeping next to “compatible” materials and what do they do?


CHRONIC FATIGUEThe origins are in the mouth.  How and where dental materials rob people of their natural energy.


CHOLESTEROL - Discover how fraudulent advertisements make our chemical savior look satanic, AND how dental materials control and affect cholesterol levels.


ORTHODONTIC BRACES and "chrome crowns" contain high amounts of nickel. What medical problems does this nickel create in our children?


CAVITATIONS - How small undetected holes in your mouth can be the source of many of today’s deadly diseases.


PORPHYRINS - the new scientific testing kid on the block.  These tests show how dental materials block all energy systems in the body.


SODIUM/POTASSIUM - Sodium, as in table salt has been accused of causing lots of bad things – unjustly, just like cholesterol.  It is a major player in nerve impulse transmissions and has a butler type role in cell metabolism.  Highly touted sea salt has a significant ugly role as a contaminant.


METHYL MERCURY TEST - How can I tell if I am toxic?  A new test of methyl mercury on the red cells can be used to indicate how toxic we are from dental silver – mercury amalgam fillings and approximately how long it will take to heal.


THE ROLE OF RED BLOOD CELLS - carry oxygen, mercury, nickel, and lots of other contaminants.  Men and women’s red cells differ in their reaction to dental materials.  Are your red blood cells working for you or against you?

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